More women’s fashion from the 2012 US Open

Although none of them made it to the finals of the US Open, there are some female players whose fashion deserves a shout-out.

Kim Clijsters


Having announced earlier that the US Open would mark her retirement, Clijsters went into the tournament with a nice attitude about her years with the sport, as well as her future plans. She stayed positive throughout, even after a second-round loss to Laura Robson, the 18-year-old British phenom I’ll talk about below. Plus, Kim looked great on court. She still delighted fans by doing the splits when going after hard-to-reach balls, and her red, white and blue ensemble was perfect on her. I especially like the little stars on the back of the shirt.

She also played mixed doubles with Bob Bryan — where she showed a good attitude as well by attempting a chest bump after their first round win, not an easy feat for a 5’9″ woman with a 6’4″ guy. Good luck to Kim in her post competitive tennis life!


Li Na


Li Na is the other highly-ranked player whom Laura Robson defeated before being stopped by Sam Stosur.  She’s also a great example of a tennis player whose fashion preferences, like those of Kim Clijsters, can work for regular tennis-playing women who lack Maria Sharapova’s long legs, or Serena’s powerful frame. I love the color of Li Na’s top. It’s a T-shirt style with more shape than a regular T-shirt, so it offers coverage but also a flattering fit. You could wear the skirt with a light pink top also.  I might have to buy one myself!  


Laura Robson


Only 18 years old, from England, Laura played with the confidence and calm of a more seasoned tennis professional at the Open. Having paired with Andy Murray in the Olympics Mixed Doubles, where they won a silver medal, Laura has gained experience playing at a high level this year. Her outfit, by Adidas, works because of her youth. If a woman my age wore it, I would wonder why she was sporting so many colors at the same time. Personally, I would never pair a mint-green skirt with a neon yellow shirt — but somehow, on Laura, it works. Her arm muscles are also pretty impressive, aren’t they?

Lots of other women players looked good at the US Open — Venus Williams, Liezel Huber and Victoria Azarenka, to name three — but there isn’t time to review all of them. It’s been another fun two weeks of tennis and fashion, two of my favorite topics.  Good luck to the finalists!

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