Wimbledon fashion largely disappoints

Grand Slam matches provide a worldwide stage for tennis stars and their sponsors to flaunt their newest gear and clothing lines, with lots of free advertising.  Unfortunately, however, there is little to celebrate by way of fashion at Wimbledon this year.  Rafa and Roger are stunning as always, but both are unusually subdued, even classical in their attire.  After causing a stir last year when pulling a “15” gold-trimmed jacket out of his bag for the awards presentation that marked his record-breaking 15th Grand Slam victory, Federer is setting an understated tone so far.  Not sure about the mesh bag, though.

Things are a bit more interesting on the women’s side, but not much.  Mercifully, the all-white Wimbledon regulations prevent Venus from pulling another “French Open” fashion faux pas, where the bright yellow dress and flesh-colored panties caused many to wonder if she was truly “going commando” or just trying to play the part of provocateur.  However, her self-designed outfit must be one of the worst on Centre Court: a low cut top and frilly skirt that looks more like Miss Muffet, or perhaps one of those exfoliating body puffs, than actual tennis attire.

Her sister Serena is dressed more elegantly — but let’s face it, for Serena, typically one of tennis’ edgier players — the strawberries and cream look is boring, and the jacket downright prim.

Perhaps there is hope in the Russian delegation.  Maria Sharapova, whose second career (some might argue her first) is that of fashion model, was sporting a short skirt and cheeky underwear.  Showing her toned legs, thighs and even more, Maria delighted spectators with a 7-5, 6-3 defeat of Barbora Zahlavova-Strycova.

Sharapova will face Serena on Monday — then, alas, it will be tennis and not fashion that will carry the day.

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