Dancing doubles: Petto, dito, mano

Even though the US Open ended last Monday, I continued to enjoy it all week, as I watched matches I had recorded but didn’t have time to see when they were first played. My favorite was the women’s doubles final, where Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci (seed #2) played Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka (seed #3). Errani/Vinci won 6-4, 6-2, with a classic style of doubles tennis that included serve and volley, lobs to back their opponents off the net, and excellent shot selection against a younger, harder-hitting Czech team.


Sara Errani Roberta Vinci US Open 2012 Champions


What garnered the most attention in the press, however, was a little dance the Italians did in their elation after they won the match. It’s hard to find a clear video of it, but this will give you an idea:

The post-match interviewer asked Vinci about the dance, and she laughed. A little embarrassed, she demonstrated: you touch your chest, then snap your fingers, then touch the other hand.  Then repeat. In Italian, “Petto, dito, mano.”



Apparently this is a dance or game that goes on in Italy, especially among kids. [Read more…]

More women’s fashion from the 2012 US Open

Although none of them made it to the finals of the US Open, there are some female players whose fashion deserves a shout-out.

Kim Clijsters


Having announced earlier that the US Open would mark her retirement, Clijsters went into the tournament with a nice attitude about her years with the sport, as well as her future plans. She stayed positive throughout, even after a second-round loss to Laura Robson, the 18-year-old British phenom I’ll talk about below. Plus, Kim looked great on court. She still delighted fans by doing the splits when going after hard-to-reach balls, and her red, white and blue ensemble was perfect on her. I especially like the little stars on the back of the shirt.

She also played mixed doubles with Bob Bryan — where she showed a good attitude as well by attempting a chest bump after their first round win, not an easy feat for a 5’9″ woman with a 6’4″ guy. Good luck to Kim in her post competitive tennis life!


Li Na


Li Na is the other highly-ranked player whom Laura Robson defeated before being stopped by Sam Stosur.  She’s also a great example of a tennis player whose fashion preferences, like those of Kim Clijsters, can work for regular tennis-playing women who lack Maria Sharapova’s long legs, or Serena’s powerful frame. I love the color of Li Na’s top. It’s a T-shirt style with more shape than a regular T-shirt, so it offers coverage but also a flattering fit. You could wear the skirt with a light pink top also.  I might have to buy one myself!   [Read more…]

Maria and Serena and the 2012 US Open: day/night costume changes

Some of the male players are varying their shirt colors at the Open, but generally they keep to the same overall color scheme — this year, it’s mostly a red, white and blue one. But Nike has upped the glamour quotient with its top female tennis celebrities by giving them dark dresses to wear for evening matches. All this costume-changing is making the fashion experience of the US Open feel more like a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie.

Maria Sharapova

US Open 2012_MariaSharapova_Day


Maria’s dress for daytime matches is a demure pink, with brown criss-cross stripes that form a diamond under the bust. Its clean lines and sleek shape emphasize her cover girl proportions. While the pink is pretty, in my opinion it’s far too dainty for Maria’s incessant grunting and ruthless style of play.






The nighttime dress offers sheer sex appeal. Sewn from a shimmering fabric that’s not quite black, not quite brown (Nike calls it “Anthracite”), it drapes slinkily over Maria’s body. The back yoke is cut in to expose the shoulders, with gold thread detail that traces a Spiderman-type of motif. What does Spidey have to do with tennis? The dress is gorgeous, but really: the sexy fabric and gold Spiderman decoration? All she needs now is some Swarovski crystals embedded in the bodice.   [Read more…]

US Open 2012 men’s fashion: tried and true

The top guys at the US Open are rocking the red, white and blue theme in their clothes this year. That’s great: it’s the US Open, after all, and our national colors are perfect for tennis garb. Plus they look good on just about anyone. Maybe folks are in a patriotic mood after the Olympics and just want to participate in the good vibes of spending a couple of weeks in New York?

While men’s outfits look fine, nothing really stands out. Of course we don’t have Rafa in town — we are missing his typically bright colors, “go for broke” style of play and personal charisma. But let’s see what we DO have.

Roger Federer

US Open 2012_Roger Federer

Always looking fabulous, Roger pulls off the classic American colors perfectly. Sometimes he uses a white shirt, and sometimes the dark blue.  I like the dark shirt/dark shorts combo best. Is Nike’s swoosh getting bigger?


Novak Djokovic

US Open 2012_NovakDjokovic

Several months into his new partnership with Uniqlo, the big Japanese sportswear apparel company, Djokovic is still wearing versions of more or less the same outfit. More red, white and blue, just like he did at the French Open and at the Olympics. I guess the uniformity of color could be helpful: if all his clothes match each other, it’s easy to put together ensembles. So far, however, I’m not seeing the innovation I would have hoped for from this partnership — Nole’s outfits are boring compared to his game.   [Read more…]

Women’s fashion at the French

As a group, the women look better than the men at the French Open. While there haven’t been any outfits that had me rushing for my laptop to order a copy for myself, I’ve seen a few things I think are quite flattering on the players, and also appropriate for the Paris clay.


I was sorry the Williams sisters got knocked out in the early rounds, as both their dresses were terrific. Serena’s, by Nike, mixed pistachio, crème de menthe and coconut ice cream colors for a delicious dress that hugged her curves, looked cool against the burnt clay, and also fit in nicely with the green walls of the court.


Venus, who designs her own tennis wear under the label “EleVen,” was wearing a dress that was actually tasteful — so different from a number of her designs in recent years. Maybe she’s finished making a statement with her tennis clothing and going back to speaking with her racquet?


Caroline Wozniacki is another fashion favorite who unfortunately lost in the third round. I loved the sheer yellow top with the red underneath. Her dresses are by Stella McCartney for Adidas, and she has the good looks to make the designs show their best.


Li Na looks great too. She favors a more “conservative” or at least “covered-up” style, meaning she wears outfits that might look good on some of us tennis-playing moms. I think the purple works well for her, as it connotes positive energy and doesn’t clash with the red/orange clay. Too bad she crumpled at the hands of Yaroslava Shvedova, as we won’t get to see more of Li Na during the French Open this year.

[Read more…]