US Open 2012 men’s fashion: tried and true

The top guys at the US Open are rocking the red, white and blue theme in their clothes this year. That’s great: it’s the US Open, after all, and our national colors are perfect for tennis garb. Plus they look good on just about anyone. Maybe folks are in a patriotic mood after the Olympics and just want to participate in the good vibes of spending a couple of weeks in New York?

While men’s outfits look fine, nothing really stands out. Of course we don’t have Rafa in town — we are missing his typically bright colors, “go for broke” style of play and personal charisma. But let’s see what we DO have.

Roger Federer

US Open 2012_Roger Federer

Always looking fabulous, Roger pulls off the classic American colors perfectly. Sometimes he uses a white shirt, and sometimes the dark blue.  I like the dark shirt/dark shorts combo best. Is Nike’s swoosh getting bigger?


Novak Djokovic

US Open 2012_NovakDjokovic

Several months into his new partnership with Uniqlo, the big Japanese sportswear apparel company, Djokovic is still wearing versions of more or less the same outfit. More red, white and blue, just like he did at the French Open and at the Olympics. I guess the uniformity of color could be helpful: if all his clothes match each other, it’s easy to put together ensembles. So far, however, I’m not seeing the innovation I would have hoped for from this partnership — Nole’s outfits are boring compared to his game.  

Andy Murray

US Open 2012_AndyMurray

Is anyone else tired of seeing Andy Murray point up to heaven after he wins another match? I’m all for acknowledging God’s influence over our lives, but Murray’s gesture is his version of Tebowing. I don’t know why, but Tim Tebow doesn’t irritate me when he kneels after his games, yet Murray’s pointing skyward does. I guess I need to get over it.

Fashion-wise, Andy’s wearing different colors of the same outfit. Other players are doing this, too — more so at the US Open, it seems, than they did at other tournaments. Murray uses the all-dark blue version, a blue and white combo, and a lighter blue. At least he’s got the blue and orange combo — something a bit different from blue and red.


Andy Roddick

US Open 2012_AndyRoddick

Roddick announced his plans to retire after the Open, putting out the news on   his 30th birthday. Perhaps his impending retirement and the support of the NYC crowd gave him a burst of energy. He defeated his third round opponent, Bernard Tomic, in straight sets the following night.  Then, two days later, he defeated Fognini to enter the Round of 16. You can expect a big audience for his match against Del Potro next Tuesday.

In the meantime, Roddick is looking good in his white shirt and shorts with red and blue stripes.  Without a doubt, he has the most American of shoes, the same type he used for the Olympics. Go USA!


The Bryan Brothers

US Open 2012_Bob&MikeBryan

Mike and Bob Bryan are some of the few top men at the US Open who aren’t wearing the American trio of colors.  They’re sporting orange shirts with grey side panels and a partial sunburst pattern over the right front shoulders.  The high-energy orange color complements their style of play, and it’s a refreshing change after seeing so much red, white and blue.

Not everyone has chosen the same colors for their US Open tennis garb, of course.  It merely seems to be the case, since the matches that receive the most television and internet coverage are those of the top players, and most of them are wearing tried-and-true colors this year.

Red, white and blue isn’t edgy, but it works. Maybe that’s the secret in tennis.

My take on women’s fashion coming up soon! Feel free to chime in with your comments and links to your favorite tennis fashions.



  1. Andy Murra will not say why he points to heaven, for all we know it could be really personal…

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