Object of Desire?

Last night I found a half-eaten bag of Blue Bottle coffee beans on the Oriental carpet I received from my aunt. This is my dog’s favorite place to take his treasures.  That fact, plus slobber and teeth marks on the bag, led me to conclude that Dezi had eaten a quarter-pound of fancy coffee.  Amazingly, he was no more hyper last night than usual.  But that’s not saying much.

Dezi, or The Dez, or just plain Dez (all nicknames for “Desidério,” “Desired One,” a Spanish-Portuguese name befitting his pedigreed status as a Portuguese Water Dog), is actually our second PWD.  We owned this breed before Bo Obama made it famous.   But alas, Dezi doesn’t have the trainers, groomers and handlers that Bo most likely does have — meaning simply that our PWD’s breed-worthy deviousness has not been reined in with appropriate training.  Oh, he KNOWS his commands, but he exercises his option to disregard them.  Sometimes he uses them as opportunities to train his people to give him treats.

Yesterday he went to the groomer.  To settle him down, I gave him 3 droppers of Rescue Remedy before leaving home.  Maybe I should have taken some myself — it’s a homeopathic stress-reducer for people as well as pets, after all.  I wonder if there’s some truth to the adage that people select pets like themselves, or turn their pets into mini-versions of themselves.  This dog is intelligent, but he’s “in your face” about most things.  I’m sure my kids would have something to say on that subject.

Anyway, Dezi looked beautiful when he came home from the groomer.  Hard to believe this was the same dog who awoke me in the middle of the night, polishing off the freshly-baked banana bread I had left cooling by the stove.  Or who waited until we left the house, then sampled a cantaloupe — it was, after all, an organic melon from the farmer’s market.  The Dez sniffs out only the best.









Now everyone has taken to closing his or her bedroom door when leaving the house.  If we forget to do this, we find interesting items under the coffee table: mint chewing gum, vanilla-flavored chapstick, tooth-marked mascara tubes, plastic bags whose prior contents are no longer identifiable.  Last week I discovered the packaging to an entire box of Girl Scout Thin Mints.  Not sure when Dezi consumed them, or who left them out in the first place, but it looks like the chocolate didn’t kill him — didn’t even make him sick.

I remember my resolve when we got our Desired One several years ago, that this PWD would be better trained than the last one.  Initially, I worked hard on Dezi’s deportment, but then I got interested in playing tennis and other pursuits that were more fun — things that allowed me, for instance, to wear cuter outfits than I could when schlepping to the dog park, my pockets full of of treats and poop bags.

We have a wonderful lady who takes Dezi out for “playdates” twice a week.  He runs around with other dogs, and he’s fabulously tired when he gets home.  But he takes a thirty-minute nap, and he’s good to go again.  Whew!  Summertime is best, however.  That’s when our son has no homework and thus more free time to tire out “his” dog.  Dezi’s favorite activity is swimming with Micah, and it’s the only thing that truly settles him down.

Only a couple more months before it’s summer again.  Until then, I guess we’ll just have to do a better job of closing off the bedrooms and kitchen.


  1. How funny! We have a spanish water dog, seems they have the same outlook on life!

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