Happiness is . . . working out with the ball machine

I worked out with the ball machine yesterday.  It was great!  I just love how you can set it to keep on feeding you forehands, or backhands, or volleys, with whatever kind of speed or delay or spin or anything you choose.  And then you always know what’s coming.  That’s a really nice feature, don’t you think?  I mean, when I knew exactly where the ball was going to be, I could watch it all the way to the strings.  I could hit it to the same target five times in a row.  I could slam a volley down the line.

There were some much better tennis players on a nearby court, and that was great, too.  Just being near them and feeling the vibe of their higher-level game gave me a boost of confidence.  A couple of them even waved hi to me!  I mean, I know I’ll never play tennis as well as any of them, but it’s nice to think of myself as a member of the club, as someone who works out at the same time as better people are playing “real” tennis matches.

I also love the fact that, when you play against the ball machine, you always win.  Now one of my favorite pros pointed out to me that, considered differently, you always lose to the machine, but I disagree!  When you play against the machine, YOU are the one keeping score, and you are the one who is winning — unless, of course, you are super-tough on yourself.  It’s silly to tally how many balls make it over the net versus how many are left on your side when you’re cleaning up, as everyone knows that numerous balls are wasted in fine-tuning the machine’s placement of balls before you can move over there and hit any of them.  Not to mention the ones that are dead and don’t bounce correctly in the first place. . . . Plus, didn’t you set up the machine to practice that tricky new shot that you’ve been afraid to try in matches?  Any time you can execute it successfully, you’re one step closer to using it against an opponent when it will count.

So go ahead: spend a few dollars on a ball machine workout.  Not only will you get to focus on the shots that have been giving you trouble, or shots that are “weapons” you want to perfect, but it’s a quick way to perk up your self-confidence, on and off the court.  Between you and the machine, you’ll definitely be the winner!

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