French Open men’s fashion: wait for Wimbledon?

While a few guys sport sharp-looking outfits at the French Open, more of them are looking ho-hum, or at least leaving me wondering: what were the sponsors thinking?


Take Rafa, for instance. He’s a fabulous player, lots of fun to watch. Looks great in the bright colors Nike reserves for him. But why in the world didn’t they give him red for the Australian Open, and save bright blue, turquoise or even neon green for the French? His red clashes with the burnt orange clay — it’s visually disturbing to watch. As if Nadal’s relentless style  of play weren’t enough to make you feel tired — you think you should get up and tone down the colors on your TV.


Actually, I think Andy Murray’s new Adidas attire strikes the right tone — a cool grey shirt with orange trim that matches the clay.  The orange shorts might be a bit much, but compared to some of the other guys’ boring kits with their plain shorts and polo shirts, Murray is doing ok, fashion-wise.  And not too poorly tennis-wise, I might add.  Although the scruffy face doesn’t do much for him.


I guess I can’t leave out the World #1, a.k.a. Djokovic, but he’s not one of my favorites. While fashion bloggers seem relieved he moved on from his relationship with Sergio Tacchini, it remains to be seen what the new five-year sponsorship contract with Japan’s Uniqlo will produce in terms of a possibly more interesting look. Uniqlo, a leading retailer of sportswear basics in Japan, has started Nole out with a mundane ensemble: white or navy blue shorts, white or navy blue polo, a little contrast stripe, that’s about it.  No mention so far of whether they’ll be influencing him to get a better haircut; stay tuned.


There is, of course, one player who exhibits perfection in his French Open fashion as well as his groundstrokes and volleys.  That gentleman is Roger Federer.  Dressed all in black with a bit of yellow trim, he looks as graceful standing still as he does moving on the court.  While critics say the black color is a poor choice for hot weather, or claim it recalls something like this silly photo-shopped image, the fact remains that the black, on Roger, looks fantastic.  It also announces a new start, a break from the past when he wore white and gold, won his fifteenth grand slam trophy at Wimbledon, capping off seasons at #1 without serious challengers.  Today’s a new game, with a new color, and he’s not done yet.

Later this week I’ll look at the women’s fashions.  In the meantime, I’ve been collecting favorite pictures on my Pinterest “Tennis” board if you want to check them out.  And I’m always glad to receive your comments and links to more photos.

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