BlogHer featured my last post!

Exciting news flash: My last post about Platelet Rich Plasma caught the eye of the BlogHer editors, and they featured it in their blogger spotlight! Yesterday it was on the home page of the BlogHer site, and it’s still on the front of their Sports section.

BlogHer is the largest community of women who blog: they have 50 million unique visitors per month. They host conferences and events also. BlogHer’s stated mission is “to create opportunities fo women who blog to gain exposure, education, community and economic empowerment.”

I’m happy to have received this recognition for my work, and they even gave me a “badge” to put in my sidebar — check it out!



  1. Blogher! Oh my gosh! I will have to go over there right away to see if its still up. That is such an accomplishment. Congratulations!

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