Am I out of shape or what?

A week ago I did a fitness and conditioning class for tennis players.  Now that I’ve rested up from that, I ‘m ready to get going on a more structured exercise plan.  My first step was order some books from Amazon, which conveniently delivered them to my door in two days (no exertion required).  I thought that since I like to play tennis, I should make tennis conditioning the goal of my fitness program, the thing that would motivate me and keep me going after the first couple of workouts when I knew I would feel sore and completely out of shape.

So these books sounded perfect.  My favorite is Complete Conditioning for Tennis, which is published in association with the USTA and has a lovely photo of James Blake on the cover.

It also includes a DVD, so you can not only be a couch potato and read the book (as I have done), but you can watch fit people doing the exercises and imagine that you would do them with just as good form.  Unfortunately, James does not appear inside the book or on the DVD — it appears he lent his image and endorsement for the cover to help the USTA sell more copies.

Another good one is The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Tennis, which can help you figure out what to do in the gym besides chat with other people who, like yourself, are there to socialize or waste time while pretending to work out.  I’ll warn you, however, that this one is more intense, as it includes quite a few grids with small print concerning reps and sets.  For me, it’s a bit much.

So at least I’ve been THINKING about what I’m going to do to get into shape, and I suppose that’s a start.  But really, rather than work out hard, it’s so much easier just to check my email for the umpteenth time, write a blog post about exercising, and maybe cap that off by walking the dog around the block.

I realize that over the years my kids and I have collected a lot of the basic equipment I can use to get in shape at home: a jump rope, cones, assorted dumbbells and ankle weights, stretchy bands, you name it.  It’s simply time to put it all to use.

Maybe writing these confessions online will help me get past them.  Maybe my friends will hold me accountable.

In the meantime, let me know if you’re free for coffee or lunch — but maybe not for a hike, and definitely not for a run.

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