Have YouTube don’t need Mom


Say you're a teenage boy. There's a girl you have a crush on, and you want to ask her to the school dance. But you can't begin to tell anyone or get tips on how to act calm when you're nervous.  Least of all, you can't discuss it with your mom. She wouldn't get it, anyway. She'd probably say ... [Continue Reading]

Communicating with your college student


When my eldest child left for college, he chose not to call, text or email us for three weeks. This was his way of separating, but I didn't like it. My daughter, on the other hand, follows the more typical college student practice of phoning me on her way to class. From a parent's perspective, ... [Continue Reading]

Yoga for TMJ: does it work?


TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint, or jaw pain and stiffness associated with stress, clenching and grinding the teeth -- often while asleep. Over ten million US adults suffer TMJ symptoms, with women experiencing it at twice the rate of men: nearly 7% vs. 3.5%. Dentists often prescribe night ... [Continue Reading]

Two weeks, two graduations, what’s next for me?

Graduation A2 Version 2 Whats Next

Last month we celebrated. First was college graduation for my eldest on the East Coast, then back home for the last rites of high school with my youngest. There were so many parties and official events that I powered through by focusing on logistics. Now I have time to stop and consider the meaning ... [Continue Reading]

How to score tennis in Spanish, German and French

How to score tennis_spanish

The clay court season is well under way, and tennis professionals are playing on courts accross Europe -- all culminating in the French Open at Roland Garros, May 26 - June 9, 2013. The men just left Monte Carlo and are in Spain now, and the women are playing in Germany. So watching the Tennis ... [Continue Reading]

Soulcycle brands spinning and spirituality

Soulcycle iPhone case

Having heard about Soulcycle, a cult-phenomenon among NYC spinners, I tried out one of their classes during a recent trip. Soulcycle's spin on spinning is to add dumbbells and dance moves to stationary biking. It operates back-to-back 45-minute classes in eleven studios around New York, three in Los ... [Continue Reading]

My life is good; so why am I feeling bad?

Life Good Feel Bad

Have you ever had one of those days? Maybe not a day worthy of posting to the FML website, but one that reminds you of the children's book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? Monday was like that for me. By the time the day ended, I couldn't isolate anything that I'd call ... [Continue Reading]

What do you get from three hours of spinning, besides sore legs?


It took a few days, but my legs eventually recuperated from the three-hour spinning extravaganza. While I may have been silly to sign up for such torture in the first place, I gained some valuable lessons.   Learnings from spinning's heart rate workshop I can complete a three-hour spin ... [Continue Reading]

Three-hour spin heart rate workout, but not ready for the Tour de France


Last weekend I did a three-hour spin heart rate workshop at Uforia Studios in Palo Alto. The monotony of spinning for three hours didn't bother me, but I'm not in shape to ride a bike for that long. Alas, no Tour de France for me -- not yet, at least. Spin heart rate workshop We did a test to ... [Continue Reading]

Indian Wells fashion: the fans

ndian-Wells-fashion-fans - 06 thumb

Part of the fun of attending a live sports event is observing the other fans. While tennis fans' behavior is typically more controlled than you find at a football or hockey game, their fashion choices cover a wide range. I saw plenty of "RF" and "Vamos Rafa" T-shirts at the BNP Paribas Open, but in ... [Continue Reading]